Rental Scores and Parts

The movements of the two orchestral suites, Memory Suite and Ah! Ha! San Antone, can be performed separately or as a complete suite.

The Rental Scores and Parts are available through the composer at reasonable prices:

Gerald Plain
1436 Saint James Court
Louisville, KY 40208

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At the present time I am self published.  Click on the sample of the Violin 1 part of Tarantella.     


-- Violin 1 part of Clawhammer.


-- Double Bass part of Clawhammer.


and left ol’ Joe a bone, AMAZING!  (1975)  ( -- or less) 16.5 minutes

Clawhammer  (1992)
2(II=picc).2.2.2- keybd-str  ( -- or more) 12 minutes

Fireworks  (1993)
picc.3.4 (IV+ca).3.bcl.3.cbsn-4.4.2.btbn.1-timp.3perc-pno-str - 4 minutes

Portrait 1: Sally Goodin    (1989)
picc.2(II+picc).2(II+ca).2(II=Acl+bcl).2(II+cbn)- kybd-str     12.5 minutes

Portrait 2: Pretty Polly   (1987)
2(I+picc,II+afl).1.1.2-   18.5 mins

Concerto for Recorder  (2001)
Versions for:
(i) kybd-rec-str( -- no additions)
(ii)  1perc(glock)-electr kybd-rec-str( -- no additions)
(iii) Chamber: hpscd-(electr kybd)-rec- strings (

A Memory Suite  (2012)
3(III+picc).3(III+ca).3(III+bcl).3(III+cbsn)-4.3.2.btbn.1-timp.4perc-hp-pno-str   21.5 minutes

Tarantella  (2012)
3(III+picc).3(III+ca).3(III+bcl).3(III+cbsn)-4.3.2.btbn.1-timp.4perc-hp-pno-str   3.5 minutes

Rollercoaster  (2015)
picc.3 (III+picc).3(III+ca).3(III+bcl).3(III+cbsn)-4.3.2.btbn.1-timp.3perc-grand piano-str   23 minutes

Polly, Pretty Polly (0pera) (2021)
2(II+picc).2.2(II+bcl).2(II+cbsn)   2 hours


Clawhammer - Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Troppe Note/Cambria CD-1510 (3-CD Set)

Showers of Blessings - Phil Rehfeldt (Clarinet), Advance FGR-17S







I have been using folk materials in my compositions since 1969 and my objective has always been to fuse these elements artfully into a modern sound fabric.

My Performance Conductors:

Gianluigi Gelmetti, Massimo Pradella, Oleg Kovalenko, Gerhard Samuel, Lukas Foss, Lawrence Foster, Michael Morgan, Kenneth Jean, Paul Polivnick, Gunther Schuller, Steven Smith, Sydney Hodkinson, Stewart Robertson, Andrew Davis, Edwin London, John McL. Williams


Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Louisville Orchestra,  Vermont Symphony Orchestra,  Richmond (VA) Symphony,  Atlantic Classical Orchestra,  Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra,  Long Beach Symphony,  Civic Orchestra of Chicago,  Alabama Symphony Orchestra,  Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra,  Brooklyn Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra,  Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Radiotelevisione Italiana Orchestra of Rome, Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston, Philharmonic Orchestra of Monte Carlo.