Lukas Foss conducted this work during three successive concert seasons.  Two with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra  and one with the Brooklyn Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.The name of this composition “and left ol’ Joe a bone, AMAZING!”, is derived from the musical quotation of two popular songs, both being embedded in my mind at a very early age.  In order to entertain his many grandchildren, my grandfather, William Salmon (1875-1966), used to sing a folk song called “Old Joe Clark.”I went down to ol’ Joe’s house;ol’ Joe wasn’t at home.‘ate all the meat that ol’ Joe had,and left ol’ Joe a bone.The second quotation is a musical fragment from the old hymn tune, “Amazing Grace.”  (This quotation can be viewed on pages 35,36, and 37 of the score.)   (SEE PROGRAM NOTES 2)